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étiq links 04

That’s right, it’s a fourth edition of links we’ve responsibly selected in April. The sustainability theme goes major and the beauty industry news follow up. Enjoy!Usually we think about the primary packaging firstly, but what about the secondary packaging? Algirdas has found Greencoat, wax-free, 100% recyclable, coated packaging suitable for the poultry, produce and seafood industries.Rita engaged with The Smoke Tissue Case that reminds us about air pollution every time you use single tissue.Gintarė was wondering when Pantone spot color equivalents through seven-color process CMYK+OGV (Orange, Green, Violet) printing would be available in Lithuania. Guess what? It’s already available at flexo printing house Aurika.While brand-free branding trend is taking a lead, Algirdas is wondering what will happen when more companies like Brandless would come into play with the same rules?Gabija thinks that we live in amazing times of chemistry wonders. Unilever has announced a partnership with start-up company which is able to convert any colored PET waste back into transparent virgin grade material suitable for food industry.Estera cathed up with what packaging trends are on fire this year: sustainability, e-commerce, flexible packaging, plastic packaging advancements and waste challenges.Guess who at the agency informed us about the newest beauty industry disrupters? No doubt it is Gintarė and she knows that your packaging design must be instagramable.Edvardas has got only chance to follow up with clean-conscience cosmetics like Milk Makeup or MAC observation by his favorite research and innovation platform J. Walter Thompson Intelligence.As the sustainability in 2018 has become mainstream, Estera has found that Starbucks now sells plastic water bottles made from recycled ocean debris. A neoprene sleeve is made from the equivalent of two PET bottles.Edvardas was thinking about the beginning of the end of multinational food brands. To be more precise, this is a time to adopt and transform as young food and drink upstarts are shaping new a landscape on the shelves.Being unfamiliar with M&A abbreviation Gabija has shed the light and now we know what it stands for: Mergers and Acquisitions. Here is Landor release of M&A Brand Study

Stay tuned for the next links. Étiquette team.

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