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Seems like our initiative is turning into a tradition driven by hunger for packaging and branding industry news. Here is a third bunch of freshly selected links revealing what we have found in March.Valerija has shared her passion for Living Proof brand. Especially for their clean shapes, finishing and typographic approach also for the copy and finally scents.While making shoes or shampoo bottles of recycled ocean or beach plastic is not a big deal anymore, Algirdas guesses that another huge step could be a Plasticroad. 3x longer lifetime, 70% faster construction time, 4x lighter than a traditional road structure and 100% circular. And we are already in love with this concept! To be honest, India did it first.Lacoste swaps famous crocodile logo for ten endangered species. Gintarė found this concept meaningful where every single detail matters. Like a number of available shirts has correlated with a number of animals remaining in the wild.According to Global Packaging Trends 2018 by Mintel, nowodays it is not enough to ensure safe delivery of the products via e-commerce supply chain. Customers expect more of a brand experience so rethinking and rEpackage goods should be on the mind. No wonder that Edvardas has discovered Packlane service providing a custom design boxes for shipping goods.In addition, Gintarė believes that your packaging design should be instagrammable if you want to appeal to millennials’. Take it seriously because our agency instagirls Gintarė and Gabija know it best.To prove that, Gintarė found the case of perfectly redesigned ice cream brand Van Leeuwen with “looks good on social media” strategy in mind. Guess what? People began snapping and buying their pints. The business boosted in sales by 50%.Meanwhile Algirdas bets that holographic and iridescent packaging trend has not yet reached its peak and it will continue to grow this year.PepsiCo is well known for its long-term support for various artists, for instance their new project LIFEWTR, so no wonder that Gabija found Stacy’s Snacks new limited edition packaging celebrating Women’s History Month.Gintarė is wondering whether it is important for a beer to be brewed with renewable energy? Budweiser says yes and introduces a new icon on their packaging.Finally, probably the most sharable video is Mark Ritson's speech about seven ways to make marketing great again brought by Edvardas on the last week of March. Stunning stuff! Thanks to Artūras Kokoškinas for sharing this.

Stay tuned for the next links. Étiquette team.

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